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Oriented in this direction, we gave our hotel the name “APOLLO”, as the worship of the god Apollo was particularly widespread in Kyparissia, since there was also a temple of Apollo in the area of Mousga Kyparissia near Kyparissia’s railway station, the remnants of which you can see if you visit the specific place.

Ιn the summer of 2022 we had the pleasure of inaugurating our roof garden “Athenolia”, a name derived from the second oldest variety of olive in the world and a sacred tree of the goddess Athena, whose temple is located on the site of today’s Holy Triad (Agia Triada ) in Kyparissia.

In a specially designed space of high aesthetics, with flowerbeds overgrown with athenolias and with a floor painted with the linear B (based on the symbolism of the olive fruit, olive oil and olive tree), visitors can taste the rare varieties of wines from all over the world, to taste dishes of Mediterranean cuisine and to enjoy the endless view of the olive groves in the surrounding area, the city or the magnificent sunset.

With an extensive wine list of more than 90 labels from around the world, Athenolia’s motto is “Travel the world through our wines!”

This is a pioneering investment for the region since nothing similar can be found within a radius of 60 km. The roof garden athenolia wine bar restaurant operated with great success in 2022.

There have taken place live saxophone evenings and lives of various other musical groups as well as tasting evenings with the finalist of the Greek master chef 2022 Kalliopi Bezante!

It is a great honor and pleasure that since summer 2022 Athenolia Winebar – Restaurant Kyparissia is included in the international list of valuable wine bars and that Kyparissia exists on such a world map!

Warm thanks to Star Wine List, Aris Sklavenitis Eleftherios Hanialidis and of course to the man who gave identity to our dream, George Loukas, who introduced us to the wonderful world of wine, who taught us, educated us as much as the time allowed from the idea to Implementation, who endured us and endures us!

The Athenolia roof garden wine bar restaurant can host social, cultural, corporate and business events or wine tasting and tasting courses as well as Yoga retreats.

The business supports the local community as it cooperates with local wineries and not only with local producers for the raw material of the dishes, while it hires staff from the wider area, which it trains with its own expenses. The Venue, like everywhere in the hotel , is accessible for people with special needs.

The innovation in the Apollo Resort Art Hotel business is this space of the roof garden wine bar restaurant as it combines the incredible 360 degree view of the sea (especially at sunset) and the mountain / castle and old town of Kyparissia and the great variety of wines from all over the world something that is not found in the whole Peloponnese.

In the hotel, the space of the roof garden was an added value to the reputation and recognition of the hotel and greatly contributed to the increase of interest in this regard.

Undoubtedly, it has established itself in the world’s consciousness as a place of high aesthetics and service provision.

From June 2023, in the Roof Garden area, breakfast will be offered daily to hotel customers and not only, while we aspire every Sunday until 1pm to serve Brunch as well, making Athenolia the absolute Sunday habit!

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